Tradux – Translations

Tradux has a staff of more than 40 translators, with an average of 23.7 years experience.We translate to / from all languages, and we abide by a few mandatory rules:

  • The reverse translations are performed by a professional always to his “mother language”. Our experience shows that cases of perfect bilingualism are outstanding.
  • We do not usually charge fees for emergencies, nor is it our practice to charge for working weekends.
  • Swe are reluctant to divide the orders among several translators. Despite sharing the same glossary, involving more than one translator can affect the unity and internal consistency.
  • We work with professionals who have proven experience. We defend the dignity of the profession of translator, and we refuse to participate in auctions.
  • We have in our office an staff of translators to ensure an immediate response to all major languages. Most translators are sworn translators.
  • We charge only the number of words that indicates the computer. If the translation has a lot of repeated text, we apply a discount on it.
  • Our rates are on average 15% below competition. The loyalty of our customers and translators make it possible.
  • The translations are subject to a double review process: firstly the translator has to deliver the translation revised, and later a third person submit the work to a new scrutiny.
  • We do not trust translation programs
  • Customers are committed to a delivery date, usually amply fulfilled. And thanks to our new management software, customers can track their works.
  • We scrupulously respect the confidentiality of the information and data that contains the texts entrusted to us.
  • We attach equal importance to all our customers. We dont have translators of different categories, depending on the nature of the client.
  • If we can not fulfill a job, we inform the customer. We do not undertake more than possible. Test us. We often make the impossible possible
  • Tradux maintains a constant activity throughout the year, always available to its customers to any emergency
  • Our reputation means that, often, other agencies charged us their most urgent or difficult translations.