Tradux – Translations

TRADUX is a translation agency.

Tradux is not a language school or a private agency. We translate legal, commercial and technical documents, we specialize in sworn translations and, occasionally, offer official interpreters, recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Translating is a very specific task, and we do not know or want to do anything else, nor is it our intention to diversify our service, because we believe this would affect our quality. We know our business, and we know of its difficulty. “We are only translators” is a motto that has accompanied Tradux since its inception, and more than one sentence is a statement of intent.

Because we do translations, we just employ translators. As much as it sounds ridiculous, it is necessary to emphasize this truism. Tradux offers to its customers a large team of 40 translators highly qualified and experienced.

We submit our work to strict quality controls, including a review process by a third person outside the translator.

We have also devised new ways in order to facilitate a perfect contact with our customers; and we have provided new tools as “S.O.S. Tradux”

But again, the essence of our service is a team of professionals, who see in every new translation, in any order, a challenge, and make every effort to defend and enlarge the good name of Tradux . We do the impossible every day. Our clients give good evidence of this, and give us their trust. Tradux is a translation agency. And we do translations.

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