Clients’ zone

Tradux’s clients have at their disposal a new, multifunctional area where they can manage or check any matter related to their translation needs.

Thanks to this new tool, now under development, any client who entrusts his projects to us will be permanently in touch with Tradux, and will have real time information on his document status: translation in process, reviewing phase, or ready to deliver.

In the near future, our main clients will have their own space, a “restricted area” with their own access key known to the client only that will guarantee the privacy in every information exchange. Thanks to our state of the art servers and to our new managing tools we will be able not only to offer this capability for monitoring the status of a job; we will be in situation to give our clients an unusual speed and capacity in delivery. However big your job is, your files will always find a place with us.

This space has been designed to give our clients the chance to manage estimates, offer alternative solutions, answer some questions; as an added value, we have included an area devoted to “practical aspects” that will be of interest for them.

Here we will give some information on the authentication procedures for translations and include a number of links to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ webpage. You can also ask for an appointment to authenticate the translator’s signature. We also include information on the documents you will need to perform some formalities, as well as useful data such as addresses and telephone numbers for embassies, consulates or public bodies.

We want to be helpful, to give precise and clear information. We work to make your work easier. Just ask us: we are at your disposal.