Interpretation Service

Tradux offers consecutive, commercial and official interpretation, all its collaborators professional interpreters certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

There is a minimum charge of two hours’ interpretation plus an hour for travel. This is a costly service; other companies will offer much lower rates. The difference is in the result.

If you are to take part in a business meeting and consider it essential to transmit your terms precisely, you need to feel that you are backed by an able, reliable, well-trained professional. The work of an interpreter is extremely complex, often demanding spur-of-the-moment decisions on the meaning of a sentence, an expression or an observation.

They do in effect referee an encounter of two forms of expression, two business cultures often at odds, and they are in short the bridge which extends links, making possible an agreement reached and understood by all parties. They must be trained to grasp not just commercial or business language but also legal usage which differs so much from one country to another.

If you feel the need to be supported and secure, you can trust Tradux. Your image will be enhanced by the choice of proficient, quality professionals, showing that you operate with the finest, you take care of the details and that you can be trusted. Never forget that your image is the image transmitted by an interpreter.

Our rates are adjusted and competitive, but we offer Interpreters. With a capital letter.