To our customer

Bureaucracy proves, in most cases, really trying. We do not always have the chance to manage our business through the internet or the phone: many a formality has to be done directly, after a long wait in a hall packed with people, all with their eyes fixed in the red numbers that run, one after another, in those panels hanging from the ceiling. And then, what happens? In some cases, we waited in vain: either a document was missing, or the formality not required.

Tradux is not a private agency, but every day our customers ask us about the administrative procedures.

In this part we will give some useful tips and practical advice on addresses, telephone numbers or web sites that can be of interest.

We take all the info from official sites, but it might have undergone changes or modifications when you look it up. For this reason, we recommend you to investigate the procedures or ask a lawyer or administrative manager who specializes in the matter. What goes henceforth is just a collection of useful tips that can help you and make your quest easier.

This space is ordered in four sections:

We hope you find it useful.