Sworn translations

Translators need a very long period of learning. A translator is a professional who has devoted many hours to find a way to reconcile two different languages. The essence of translation is precisely to impregnate the translated text of a cultural references, with a terminology and context quite different.

And not only literary texts. The legal, commercial or technical ytanslation is also difficult.

Sometimes it is necessary to officialy certify the accuracy of a translation. This can only be done by Sworn Translators.

There are two ways to get the title of translator: either by examination or by recognition of studies.

90% of our sworn translators got his degree by examination. However, we also work with young people, graduates in translation. They are the future.

Leave your translations in the hands of Sworn Translators entering for examination is a guarantee that your work is in good hands.

Sworn translators are available to/from all languages, and we can respond immediately to emergencies arising in English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.