Tradux history >> The beginnings

Early in 1950, Wolfgang von Tabouillot, translator of German, English, Swedish and Norwegian, registered Madrid’s first Translation Agency, with the name of Tradux, at 32 calle Mayor

The business occupied two small offices on the second floor. It quickly won a significant client portfolio, notably Official Bodies like the Social Security system, law firms and corporate groups. From the outset, Tradux has focused on technical, commercial and legal translation, defining a practice it would remain faithful to for 60 years.

The company grew. Blas Sebastián headed the Administration Department, but the management needed to seek able and acknowledged collaborating translators. Now a fundamental development occurred in Tradux’s history: the inclusion as partner and translator of Antonio Carrillo Robles, Sworn Translator of 5 languages. Shortly thereafter, others began collaborating with Tradux including professionals of the standing of Roswitha Paarmann, Sworn Translator of German and partner in the enterprise. The agency quickly consolidated as one of the most important in the country in terms of both turnover and client numbers.

Tradux grew year by year, unquestionably Madrid’s bellwether agency, winning commissions involving great responsibility and present in all business fields. As a result, it had to strengthen the accounts and management department and ended up acquiring a further four offices in the calle Mayor, giving it 120m2 in the heart of Madrid, with a team of more than thirty translators. There are more than 1,200 active clients (requiring at least one translation a month) many of them multinational companies in the most varied fields of Science and Technology, Law Firms, Laboratories, car makers, etc.

Now its managers see that the time has come to take another step, a new commitment enabling them to develop.