Tradux History >> Evolution

The nineteen-eighties were fundamental to an understanding of the nature of Tradux today.

Firstly, the business was transformed into a Limited Liability Company, with Antonio Carrillo Robles as its majority shareholder and Sole Administrator.

Staff was hired which proved to be fundamental pillars in Tradux’s consolidation, particularly Fermín González in accounts and Begoña García in organising the work and customer service. Begoña’s voice was to become the voice of Tradux.

New translators collaborated with Tradux, professionals like Luis Iñigo Quiroga, French, Portuguese, German and Italian translator and partner in the company, Ángel Segado, Sworn Translator of English, Italian and Portuguese and Senior Telecommunications Engineer, Gordon Burt, an established English translator, or Valérie Guilbert, French legal and technical translator. Tradux’s collaborators now total more than 40 professionals, covering all languages.

The company won major contracts, such as to translate all patent summaries entering the Spanish Patents and Trademarks Office, numbering 25,000 a year and more than 3,000,000 words. The workload increased considerably, demanding a substantial investment drive.

The offices were completely redesigned and the Tradux team was provided with the latest IT and telecommunications technologies. Over time, all the computers joined to operate in network, all the technological elements renewed every two years, in a race Tradux intends to continue to lead.

The new millennium brought a change in Tradux’s management which was handed over to Antonio Carrillo Tundidor, lawyer specialised in company management from the ICADE and the EOI. His entry led to some changes, with optimisation of collaborators’ tasks and agreement on a Total Quality programme designed to enhance the company’s competitiveness in an increasingly dynamic environment.

There was a generational change at all levels: Borja Carrillo Tundidor, Senior Administrative and Finance Specialist, took over the Financial Department, sharing the management with Antonio Carrillo. Marcos Mendieta, lawyer, became head of the Administration and Project Coordination Department. These two additions completed the structure of Tradux, with the acquisition of tools to allow use of high-speed Internet, the company’s own website and a redesigned, updated commercial image.

Now, at a time of international crisis, 2011 demands a concerted, innovative and courageous response from companies. Tradux increased its turnover in 2010, bringing in major new clients. However, far from resting on its laurels, it is once again engaged in a new drive to place it at the forefront in technology and management. Everything changes, in order to remain the same, with the acquisition of new management tools and updating the entire internal and external communications system, with a new website, new services and a new profile.

Begoña García’s voice is now that of Marcos Mendieta, Fermín González’s accounts are those of Borja Carrillo. The staff will be reinforced in 2012 to handle the increasing workload, there will be new challenges, and Tradux is present and poised, as it was 60 years ago, offering quality service at all times. We look to the future, confident of our ground, experience is our guarantee, renewed hopes our driving force.