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  • In 1950, Wolfgang von Tabouillot founded the agency Tradux, the oldest translation business in Madrid.
  • In 1966, Antonio Carrillo Robles participated in the translation from the Akkadian of texts from the Assurbanipal Library and, qualified in 1969 as Sworn Translator of English, Italian, French, Portuguese and Latin.
  • Antonio Carrillo Robles became a partner in Tradux in 1972 and, in 1983, because of the volume of work it was receiving from the company, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs created a seal to legalise his sworn translations, making him the only translator with his own seal.
  • In 1980, one of Tradux’s main clients, IBM España, entrusted the company with the translation of the manuals for the installation, use and maintenance of its (then) revolutionary 8100 System. The 1,750,000 words of text were delivered in 15 days to EL CORTE INGLES, enabling it to interconnect its department stores throughout Spain on-line. IBM España’s Technical Director thanked the Director of Tradux in a letter for the vast undertaking.
  • In 1984, Tradux translated texts of great technical complexity such as the 10-volume GRAN DICCIONARIO MEDICO, distributed by Laboratorios Fher to 25,000 doctors.
  • In 1986, Pedro Laín Entralgo, Director of the Royal Academy of Spanish Language asked Tradux and four translation professionals to standardise Spanish medical terminology and, in 1986, Antonio Carrillo was invited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Office of Interpretation and Languages to join its translating team.
  • The Central Mosque in London of the Ahmadiyya of Islam Movement asked the main Spanish translation agencies in 1987 to translate the Holy Koran. Tradux was finally selected and the volume was published in London in 1988.
  • In 1993, Tradux won the commission to translate all the patent summaries from the Spanish Patents and Trademarks Office, translating over 25,000 summaries in a year, more than 3,000,000 words. The Director prepared the world’s only “Dictionary of Patent Acronyms”.
  • In 1995, the Ministry of Industry granted Tradux top classification, TD/5, for a Translation Agency.
  • In 2010, Tradux was responsible for most of the translations of Spanish companies’ engineering and rail projects in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dabi.
  • In the midst of the crisis, Tradux increased its turnover in 2010, incorporating major new clients.
  • In 2011 the company has designed a new service “Tradux SOS” to deal with clients’ needs during public holidays, at the same time creating an environment of participation and help on its new website, aimed at translation professionals with the aid of the social networks.
  • En 1995 el Ministerio de Industria concede a Tradux la máxima calificación TD/5 para una Agencia de Traducciones.
  • En 2010 Tradux realiza la mayor parte de las traducciones de los proyectos de ingeniería y ferroviarios en Arabia Saudí y Abu Dabi realizados por empresas españolas.
  • En plena crisis, Tradux aumenta su facturación en un 70% a finales de 2010.Tradux diseña un nuevo servicio “Tradux SOS” que le permite atender las necesidades de sus clientes durante los días festivos.
  • Tradux crea un entorno de participación y ayuda en su nueva página web dirigido a los profesionales de la traducción.