Recent years have seen an upsurge in professional practice of doubtful probity. We are convinced that time will put us all in our place. That is already happening. But today, more than ever, we think it necessary to defend clear, firm ethical practices, to place us where we want to be, among true translation professionals.

There is room for all, those of us who have been about since the beginning and those starting on their career; each needs the other. But we must defend the honesty of our work, in a difficult profession, mastered after many years’ effort, demanding constant and very selfless dedication. This is not the place for the lazy, or for repose; nor for imaginative entrepreneurs who make up for lack of experience with technology and glitz, looking for immediate returns in their statement of results, often exploiting the difficult situation of recent graduates to use them and alter market prices. We are once more certain that time will deal with them mercilessly.

Yet today, more than ever, from its standpoint as the longest-standing agency in Madrid, Tradux has felt it convenient to create a good and bad conduct code which helps to give meaning and substance to our thinking.

That is how Tradux defines itself.

Good practice. What we do.

  • Most of Tradux’s translators have more than 10 years’ experience. .
  • The work of all our translators, including the most experienced, undergoes peer review.
  • It is Tradux’s norm for all translators to be paid at the beginning of the month for work done
  • All translators work in their mother tongue.
  • Our rates are adjusted and competitive, below the market mean.
  • Tradux adheres strictly to the number of words in a translation.
  • If Tradux thinks a document does not need to be translated, the client is informed accordingly.
  • Tradux does not charge for duplicates of an earlier translation, except in the case of sworn copies.
  • Tradux takes the same interest and makes the same effort in all its work: all the translators are reliable, all clients important.
  • Collaborators sign confidentiality clauses.
  • Urgency is charged only very exceptionally.

Bad practice. What Tradux does not do.

  • Translation is Tradux’s only business. It is not a “gestor” handling official paperwork, it does not organise events and does not teach.
  • Scholarship holders and students are not used to translate.
  • Nobody has ever not been paid for a translation done for Tradux.
  • Tradux employs only translators.
  • Tradux respects other agencies’ clientele, which is why they entrust their most difficult jobs to us.
  • Tradux does not use automatic translation software.